Dank Dabber Giveaway Unboxing and Review


Join me as I unbox my 77K giveaway prize from the one and only Dank Dabber and test it out for the first time!

Was really surprised with the high quality material used for the product. It fits great on practically every finger and didn’t heat up at all when testing out on multiple different bangers, rig set-ups, and e-nails. The beveled edge is beyond useful for handling concentrates of all different consistencies and getting every last drop of your product out of your jar’s. On top of all that it’s super easy to clean! Stoked to have won this giveaway, it definitely did not disappoint 🔥.

Massive thanks again to dankdabber! Follow him and team dank dabber on Instagram using the quick links below, and be sure to stop by Dankdabber.com to have a look at the wide variety of options available.

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