Unboxing MarysSecret.ca Sample Package

Truechron is back at it with another unboxing, this time from cheap online cannabis distributor MarysSecret.ca! The package included sample goodies like King Tut Cannabis, Cosmic Collision Cannabis, AAA Kief, Moroccan Blonde Hash, Cherry Pie Shatter, 25mg Mari Bears, and more.

A closer look at each product as well as our official thoughts and rating will be coming soon to Truechron.com.

Have a look at the things unboxed in our video and follow Marys Secret using the quick button below. Like anything you see? All of these products and more can be found on MarysSecret.ca. Have you tried Marys Secret before? Leave us your thoughts down below.

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing MarysSecret.ca Sample Package

  1. This company sells you washed buds.
    The shatter is very dark at cheap prices.
    If you pay 40 a gram it’s ok but not super. Your better off getting phyto or other named shatters.

    There is talks on the reddit boards of the shatter not being made properly and containing large amounts of chemicals.

    Also they put out promo codes then renage on the pricing after you have placed your order.

    Better off paying a little more for alot better quality at other MoMs

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