Philip DeFranco Sheds Light On Why Youtube Is Suspending Cannabis Influencers

The long time Youtube personality Philip DeFranco used his network to shed a much needed light on the current state of medical and recreational cannabis influencers on Youtube today. While it doesn’t clear things up entirely, he does get an official statement from Youtube that may be able to help others from getting suspended in the future.

If for some reason you’re unaware, over the past year Youtube has began suspending a wide range of users who post marijuana related content, with little to no explanation but an automated response.

Leaving creators without a reason for the sudden change, monetary loss, and years of hard work down the drain, many are choosing to startover elsewhere rather than take their chances with Youtube again. 

Why Is This Happening? 

It’s technically against Youtube’s policy to post videos where you are consuming or under the influence of drugs, however the company has let an entire genre of Weedfluencers flourish and grow on their site without any issues in the past. 

This year almost every major Weedtuber on the platform has been suspended, including Customgrow420 (over 1.5 million subs), Coral Reefer, Green Flower, Matthias710wrx, GroovyMac, Strain Central, Silenced Hippie, Crutch 420, R3dband, The Drug Classroom, Psyched Substance and many more.

PhillyD and his team on the Philip DeFranco Show covered the recent turn of events today and used his contacts at Youtube to help provide more information on the current state of Cannabis related content on their service.

According to a Youtube spokesperson, the top reasons for the accounts being terminated were for showing or promoting to minors, selling, and or linking offsite to places where you could purchase cannabis and related products.

“We prohibit content featuring hard drug use and the sale of regulated goods and services including drugs and marijuana. We also do not allow content featuring minors engaging in any drug, alcohal, or nicotine use”. 

None of this is completely new, but it definitely does give Youtubers who post cannabis content more guidelines on acceptable posting practices.

Some are attributing the wide range of suspensions to the adpocalypse that took place on Youtube following the large controversies with top content creators Pewdiepie and Logan Paul. That and because ads were appearing on other less than tasteful videos, many advertisers decided to pull their advertisements and revenue. While we do think this has played a major roll, it doesn’t seem like the sole reason.

For additional information on what Youtube had to say on the situation, have a look at Philly D’s full coverage down below.

Our team of TrueChron’s are monitoring the situation and will release an update as any additional information becomes available. 

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